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Our PR agency Goodfellow Communicaitons may need to refer a journalist to your organisation for more information. If there's someone specific they should contact please let us know here. Otherwise they'll contact the person named above

Our Patrons, Benefactors, Festival 500 Club and Trade Partners help support the festival. These partners receive enhanced publicity for their events. If you're keen to support the festival, please see


Often for media use it’s helpful for us to have an image of your organisation. Perhaps a team photo, photo of your building, office, key project, etc. What do you want people to think of when they see your organisation? Have you got an image of that?
You will be able to upload an image to support your event separately. But this optional image is for wider promotional use. By uploading an image you assert that your photographer has granted you the rights for third parties to use the image to promote your organisation. Images must not contain text. Minimum size: 300px x 300px. Maximum File: Size 1Mb